TMJ Bite Therapy

TMJ Bite Therapy
  1. Do you suffer from headaches, earaches, tenderness of the jaw muscles, or dull, aching facial pain?
  2. Does your jaw lock, pop or stray to one side when you open your mouth?
  3. Does your bite feel “off” or misaligned?
  4. These aches and pains may be related to the jaw muscles and the jaw joint, called the temporomandibular joint or TMJ. When your teeth are misaligned, or in malocclusion, or when you put extra pressure from grinding and clenching, called bruxism, a whole host of uncomfortable and painful symptoms can arise.

The good news? Treatment is available!

Bite Guards/Night Guards

Bite Guards/Night Guards are custom created using a soft, but rigid, material to fit your  teeth. The guard will slip over the upper and/or lower teeth and prevent contact between them. This aids in relieving some of the pressure of grinding or clenching, which can damage delicate jaw joints.

Bite Therapy

Your Bite, or Occlusion, is the relationship between the maxillary (upper) and mandibular (lower) teeth when they approach each other, as occurs during chewing or at rest. When this relationship is disturbed, or in malocclusion, muscles and joints can become upset and damaged. There are different ways in which malocclusion can be corrected, whether you need a simple adjustment or need more extensive treatment, we can evaluate your bite at your initial examination, look for any destabilization in your occlusion and come up with a plan that’s right for you.